What Are the Characteristics of a Trustworthy Mechanical Workshop?

Choosing the right mechanical workshop, in many cases, becomes a real headache. Some people just trust their own talents and decide to take the matters into their own hands, but if you’re of those who prefer to take their wheels to a professional, rather try to fix the damage yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s a periodic, simple repair or an unforeseen breakdown, our machine must usually pass through the workshop. It’s the way to ensure the proper maintenance of the engine. In the lookout for a workshop for the very first time, nobody is 100% sure about knowing which is the most appropriate, here are some tips you should keep in mind when making this important decision. In the first place, there is no doubt that it must be a legally constituted workshop that offers a professional and quality service, as well as all the guarantees of repair or maintenance.

Look for an Authorized Workshop

Usually, a recognized workshop must have a good location. A dirty, old and hidden warehouse cannot be trustworthy. Check at the entrance of the establishment for a plaque or badge that proves its legality, its industrial registration number and its specialties (mechanics, electricity, sheet metal and paint). As in the case of a mechanical workshop, the plate has an icon of a wrench. Also, it’s best to check if the mechanics are certificated for your vehicle’s brand and if it’s a recent model, that they are up-to-date. It will save you money in the long run.

Formality and Guarantee

Any legally established workshop must meet a series of requirements and offer certain guarantees. However, make sure they comply with the basic formal obligations, like sending the written budget before making any repairs. In addition, once completed, they must deliver the itemized invoice, and, in it, the works performed as well as the repaired parts must appear. As a general rule, the guarantee of repair is 2,000 kilometers or 3 months. What happens first.

Spare Parts

When carrying out the repairs, the workshop must use genuine parts. Only if, as a customer, you agree, can they install or rebuild from used parts. And this is never something that’s recommended unless the part is too rare or if it doesn’t exist on the market at all; this is a common case for people that restore classic vehicles but they are so specialized that they have the tools to recreate any needed piece, but remember:

If it’s possible to buy it new, then do it!


The agreement is also fundamental. Keep in mind that the vehicle will be left in the hands of others. Ask the mechanic questions without fear so that all your doubts are gone before you leave, and above all, listen to your gut. If the guy doesn’t sound trustworthy, he probably isn’t. Keep an effective communication with the mechanic all the time.

Order and Cleaning

The condition in which you find the workspace is, to a large extent, a reflection of how is managed the work in each workshop. It may not be a decisive factor, but it is very important that if the space is not tidy, it’s at least organized.

Quality-price Relation

There is no doubt that the price is a fundamental factor in the choosing of the workshop. However, quality and price must be closely linked. Sometimes cheaper could be priceyer than paying fair from the beginning, remember, those who have the knowledge will charge more than those who will play guessing with your vehicle.