Top 3 Spookiest Roads on Europe

For those true believers, a cursed road is a road that has been marked by some obscure forces of evil that may eventually manifest themselves to those who travel among them. But skeptics say it’s only self-fulfilled prophecies and cursed roads are nothing more than popular folklore.

In any case, the reality is that there are certain stretches of roads that are known to be dangerous. Superstition has engraved on them in the collective mind of people as mysterious. Even many local drivers drive through longer paths just not to go through them.

This phenomenon does not have political borders, cursed roads don’t care about politics, cultures or anything else. There are many roads with stretches that are considered to be cursed in almost every country. Let’s see the top 3 spookiest roads on Europe, these roads are on top due to the horrific and unexplainable incidents that have happened in them.

Belchen Tunnel, Switzerland

Even on a country that seems so logical and mathematical as Switzerland, it has its own cursed road, that is, the piece that goes through Belchen Tunnel and joins Basel and Hagendorf together on the A2. This one is a relatively new legend, its first occurrence happened in 1980 (even though the tunnel was opened back in 1966) and ever since then, dozens of drivers claim they have witnessed spectral shapes of elderly people that appear in front of their vehicles out of nowhere, making them slam on their brakes.

In fact, so many complaints about this have been made, that the Basel police department had to take actions on the matter, and investigate if it was some kind of macabre joke gone too far, but found no explanation. Even today, the “Bölchengespenst” (the Blochen ghost) still appears to terrify drivers as they go by.

M6 Motorway (Carlisle-Rugby), United Kingdom

Of course, a British motorway was going to make an appearance on a list such as this. The United Kingdom’s belief in “ghosts” is something that runs deep in its culture and folklore. The M6 Motorway is infamous, not only for being one of the most cursed roads on the world but for being one of the oldest, the M6 was built on top of an ancient Roman pavement, which some say, some eerie sights already happened 2.000 years ago.

That’s probably why eyewitnesses who had been driving the stretch between Carlisle and Rugby had the misfortune of seeing these supernatural phenomena, claim to have seen the ghost of Roman Legionnaires! But the strange happenings don’t stop there, weird screaming at night, ghost trucks and eyes made of fire that watch those driving, complete the catalog of horrors of the motorway, that is coincidentally, in the middle of the two most mysterious places on England, Glastonbury and Roslin, where many people claim the Templars hid the Holy Grail.

A-27 Highway (Bremen-Bremerhaven), Germany

Many German drivers have been gritting their teeth since 1929 when driving through the kilometer 239 of the Highway that joins Bremen and Bremerhaven together, and with good reason. It is a known fact that just on this section, more accidents happen than on the rest of the highway. Not only that, radios also suffer some kind of interference when traveling this part.

Witnesses claim that when approaching this section, an eerie feeling starts invading them, as if a strange force was trying to possess the car, trying to force them out of the highway, even when holding the steering wheel with all their strength.