The Most Dangerous Roads for Trucks on Europe

We all love driving on exotic locations, unless you’ve got a heavy load and don’t know the road expertly. In this post we are going to cover the most dangerous roads in Europe, from Alpine ports to the coldest Scandinavian roads, so you know what to expect when traveling these parts and don’t get caught off guard.

Bealach na Bá, Scotland

Built in 1822, Bealach na Bà is a tortuous, one-lane road on the mountains near Applecross Peninsula, on Scotland’s Highlands.  This Historical mountain pass was built on 1822 and was designed like those great Alpine ports roads, with closed turns and maximum rise percentages near to 20%. Bealach na Bá, has the quickest road ascend in the whole United Kingdom, going from sea level on Applecross to 626 meters above sea level in just 8 kilometers, this is the third highest road on Scotland.  The name comes from Gaelic, translating something similar to: “cattle pass” due to the fact this road was used by cattle ranchers historically speaking.

Col d’aubisque, France

The Col d’Aubisque, is a mountain port, standing at 1,709 meters above sea level on the French Pyrenees. It’s located 30 kilometers south from Tarbes and Pau, on the Aquitania Region, Col d’aubisque is around 15 kilometers on a straight line from the border with Spain. Col d’Aubisque is on the north slope of Pic de Ger (2,613 meters high) and connects Laruns, on Gave d’Ossau valley, through Eaux-Bonnes on the west, with Argeles-Gazost, on Gave de Pau Valley, through Col du Soulor, on the east. This road crosses Circo del Litor, on the upper part of Ouzom Valley.

Hardangervidda Road, Norway

The road from Oslo to Bergen is a Norwegian road extending around 460 kilometers, crossing the Scandinavian country from east to west. This road goes through Hardangervidda national park, one of the most beautiful European highlands, giving you the chance to visit Hardanger’s fjord, one of the country’s marvels. This unique and scenery road between Oslo and Bergen is a nature experience, hardly comparable with any other roads out there.

This route, functional and reliable. Puts together two of the biggest cities of the country, and offers a trip full of stunning landscapes, interesting places to stop by and resting spots and lookout points to enjoy the ride. Though for truck drivers, enjoying the scenery might be harder due to the closed curves.

Furkapass, Germany

The Furka pass, Port of Furka, or just Furkapass (German) is a mountain pot, located on 2,436 meters high on the Swiss Alps, separating Valais and Uri. This mountain port is one of the most popular and touristic places of the Alps. Its stunning views and scenery draw the attention of thousands of people, many of these on bikes, every year.

Folks say this port was already transited on the Roman era, around the XIII century, and that many goods like foodstuff and animal skins between the two valleys separated by the mountain.  The road was a military construction made around 1865, but 1921 was the year when a motor vehicle transited this road for the very first time. When it was built, it became the largest port of the country, a record that was lost when new passes and ports were built during the twentieth century.  Furkapass is one of the 30 highest mountain ports of the world.