The Future of Trucks: Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck on Phase 2

On April, the internet broke when Toyota’s plans on their next offensive on the revolution of road transport war were made public. Though Toyota is not the only company tackling this challenge, Elon Musk’s Tesla is revealing their “Semi” (an electrical truck). Japanese developer Toyota on the other hand, is placing the bets on the so-called “Project One”, a Hydrogen fuel cell truck.

Toyota had said last spring that this summer they wanted to test their new industrial vehicle  on Los Angeles, California roads, between ports and near warehouses, for this being a route that counts for around 40% of the total container traffic on the whole world and also to test if a zero emission vehicle which fuel cell generates electricity to power two electric motors with a combined output of 670 hp and 1,327 lb-ft of torque, could face heavy-duty transport.

Let The Trials Begin

Toyota has already announced that their hydrogen truck has started the driving test phase on short road sections between LA ports area, in California. One of the first missions of the zero-emission hydrogen truck was to move goods from Los Angeles port and Long Beach ports to nearby train stations and into warehouses, which the pioneering hydrogen-fueled alpha truck had already checked in more than 10,000 miles by July.

Toyota has explained these sort and frequent route patterns are designed to test the transmission capability of the hydrogen fuel cell while capturing performance data on a real-world basis. As the study advances, new, larger and more demanding routes will be added for trials.

Hydrogen Based Toyota Trucks Origins

Toyota US, had developed a class 8 truck based on a Hydrogen T660 Kenworth truck. This truck used technology from Toyota hydrogen vehicles. For this reason, the engine and the hydrogen fuel cell came from the MIRAI model, the first hydrogen-fueled Toyota vehicle.  This truck is used between Toyota plants and warehouses, with Long Beach port, California, to move spare parts or vehicle components. Now that results were given on this truck’s tests, Toyota gave a step and started  developing the newest hydrogen truck, also based on a Kenworth, but this time it’s the T680 model.

This new truck will have an operation range of nearly 300 miles and will allow Toyota, not only to make regional trips, but also long range ones.This is the main reason this new hydrogen fuel cell truck was thought with a dorm cabin.This Hydrogen fueled truck, generates electricity by using a fuel cell that through a electrochemical process, generates electricity that power the 670 horsepower engine and powers this gigantic powerhouse of the road.

These hydrogen trucks are developed by the japanese giant Toyota, developed to start on Long Beach, California, which is considered the cleanest port on the world. This port won’t allow polluting vehicles on its facilities by 2050, as Toyota operates on this Pacific port a lot, they require this kind of units soon.