Starting Your Second Career as a Trucker – Why it is A Favorable Opportunity

Driving down the open highway on your way to another town or city, you would never fail to miss passing by huge trucks. Sometimes these mammoth-sized vehicles would carry products and packages in their cargo boxes, while at times you will see 18-wheelers carrying several brand-new sedans. It will be interesting to imagine how life must be on the open road for truck drivers.

In ‘The Long Haul: A Trucker’s Tales of Life on the Road’ by Finn Murphy, you can get to read about the life and the big world from a trucker’s point-of-view. Murphy dropped out of college three decades ago for a career as a long-haul truck driver. He has driven millions of miles hauling worldly goods of people, and in his book, you can read about the enduring appeal of life as a trucker despite its difficulties. Similar to Finn Murphy, more and more people, especially those in the middles of their lives, trade in their professions to become a trucker, as a second career choice. Sure enough, there would be hardships along the way, but these people seem to see the brighter side of things while living life on the road.

Challenges of Being a Truck Driver

As popularized in many movies, truck drivers do not lead a sedentary lifestyle. They are always on the move, and they very much live in the possibility of encountering the Grim Reaper on the road as highway accidents could be fatal. But aside from this, their health could also be severely affected by their lifestyle on the road. Although the food at stopovers may be delicious, they are not always the healthiest options. Another challenge is finding a place to sleep and rest after long hours of driving across states and cities, sometimes even the borders of countries. Since they are away a lot, truckers might also experience having failed, distant, or broken relationships when they spend a lot of time away from their family and friends.

The Beautiful Side of Life as a Trucker

In spite of the challenges above, life as a trucker still does not fail to attract several people. One reason is that when you work for a great company, you can receive an excellent salary. Some of them even go the distance and provide employees with exceptional healthcare, since they consider the health and life hazards of their truck drivers.

In some cases, being a trucker could also grant you flexibility as some drivers can choose what kind of hauls they are driving and to which locations. Another benefit is the camaraderie from working with a team of people that you can count on. Maybe along the way, you can even earn your unique trucker nickname and hear it passed along in your team’s radio.

Being a trucker is a beautiful way to live when you are a person who lives for a change of scenery. Your wanderlust as a traveller can be fulfilled as you pass from one city to next carrying people’s precious cargo. Your work can be your opportunity to travel to new places and meet people from various cultures and backgrounds.