Mercedes-Benz’ Unimog Off-Road: 2018 Car of The Year

Unimog Off-Road, Mercedes Benz bet on a truck that can beat almost any terrain, getting to places no other 4×4 off-road truck could before, has finally paid off. A very famous trucks magazine, has given Unimog an award as the best Off-Road Vehicle of the year, on the “Special Vehicles” category.  We are loving this german off-road monster.

Unimog Specs

An impressive wade capacity of 1.20 mts and a 45 degree ascension capability and the 38 degree of side inclination ability are some of the arguments made by Mercedes Benz to say their Unimog models 2015 U 4023 and U 5023 high mobility make them the ultimate off-road vehicles. These two bad boys can overcome almost every obstacle found on the road (and of course off the road) with ease, making it look so easy, yet so awesome, even you will want one of these.

Ever since the beginning of Unimog’s project, Mercedes Benz expectations were developing its exceptional movement on difficult (near to impossible) features. Now, new Unimog models have increased these features even further. On YouTube there are dozens of cool videos showing what these beasts can do.

In comparison with the previous Unimogs, the 2018 Off-Road challenge winner has its drive shaft moved away a meter behind, making the storage of the additional (and needed) Euro VI standards possible. Besides, this change allows the Unimog to take its torque from the engine from the rear part of the engine so the accessories that can be attached get their power from it more directly. In this way, all systems like the water pump on a fire engine, can be operated from the transmission and independently from the vehicle’s drive shift.

The protagonist on the new Unimog is the amazing BlueTec 6 diesel engine which is an offspring of the OM 934, four cylinder engines. With a cubic capacity of 5.1 litres, what matters here is raw power. That’s why Unimog’s amazing 231hp engine, the thing that allows this impressive 4×4 behemoth move in almost any situation.

In order to meet EURO VI emission standards, Unimog has a successive intervention system composed by a closed particles filter, AdBlue infusions and an SCR catalizer. With all these equipment, Unimog is not only able to reduce its contaminant gases on a 90% more than Unimog’s predecessors, effectively reducing its carbon footprint, and reducing its fuel consumption a 3%.

Clearly, there isn’t a 4×4 with Unimog’s capabilities and sturdiness on the market that this Mercedes Benz monster offer, but with this in mind, you need to realize the real objective: these vehicles are made to be used under the heaviest working environments. By the way, the main difference between Unimog models U 4023 and U 5023 is the drive shift on the axis and the total weight of the truck, being 10.3 Tons for U 4023 and 14.51 Tons for the U5023 model.