Accessories to Enhance Your Truck on a Budget

Truckers are a league of their own when it comes to traveling around the world. The types of trucks that are available in the market today is astounding too. This is mainly due to the pricing and the designs that currently define it. Trucks, especially monster trucks are considered to be one of the most expensive vehicles these days; this is because of the newest designs which are made to intimidate and sometimes even added for a more dramatic effect and fast or bulky look. When we buy our first cars, the majority of people find the most necessary equipment to add to the mainframe and the system of the vehicle. The same applies to trucks and other vehicles. In this list is a couple of cool stuff that a trucker can add to their vehicles to make it modern and high tech.


By far one of the most innovational designs that can be adapted to a truck is a portable toilet. Truckers regularly suffer from having to do their businesses on the side of the road, when an emergency arises where passers-by are very likely to see. With the portable toilet made especially for truckers, the shame can be avoided entirely. Not only have the designs of the bathrooms changed over time, but the capacity for the waste has improved as well. Allowing more waste to be carried at the same time. However, taking a full waste tank means that the truck will be massive and consume more fuel to keep it at a certain speed.

Cold Food Storage Unit

Throughout the time that owners have bought trucks, many have purchased small refrigerators that can store and hold food for a long time. However, these appliances are known to be powered by the batteries of the truck itself, and in many cases are known to drain the entire battery. Not only are these appliances small and compact, but they also require the truck changing its batteries constantly in an attempt to keep the food cold. Using an extremely high-quality ice box is the best solution for those who are energy conscious. However, the melted ice that remains from the ice box must be continuously removed as it may cause the food to deteriorate faster. An additional ice maker alongside your ice box is also suggested as ice alongside the road or at pit stops are known to be quite expensive. Other solutions involve hardwiring a custom refrigerator that runs on the alternator like the air conditioner, instead of batteries. 

Cooking Appliances

Truckstop meals are well known to be of bad quality and high expense. So buying a small compact and portable stove alongside your other appliances can ensure that your meals are looked after, with little to no cost for the delicious food. Bacon, eggs, and bread are some of the most natural meals that you can cook on a campsite stove. However, it is essential that before you buy an oven, that you check the warranty period. Campsite stoves or stoves that are available at truck stores are known to have extremely short warranty periods, usually about 90 days. An electrical skillet is a beautiful alternative to choose from if a stove is not an option for your truck.