5 Apps Every Truck Driver Needs

Technology has grown making gigantic steps. In fact, it seems that every year it’s taking even bigger steps. Mobile Applications (Apps) are indispensable in our daily activities, taking an Uber, renting a place for the night with Airbnb or any app to order all kinds of delivery food. Even truck drivers have some apps we’re going to show you today, and you won’t be able to live without them afterwards.


QuickLoad is a platform designed  to make some extra cash for drivers who have some space and availability to carry an extra load on their already scheduled route. By using QuickLoad’s platform, drivers and customers (with the need of moving cargo) are connected, in a friendly, easy to use and safe way. It’s free to use and download, you don’t need a great phone and services are paid directly to the truck drivers.


Drivewyze (drivewise, took me a minute) is an app designed for truck drivers that allow some detours when drivers approach weighing stations, so you can bypass them. The safety check-up, credentials and weight of the vehicles are automatically verified, and if they are in concordance with all regulations on that state, vehicles are authorized to skip these facilities and don’t have to stop for a manual check-up. This is translated into time and fuel saving and less traffic on the weigh stations.


GetUpside aims to become the dream App. Cheap gasoline and food discounts. You can save up to ¢25 per gallon, get discounts of the gas station convenience store on things like sandwiches, coffee, soft drinks, and more. When you open the app to see offers, pay with any debit card or credit card and take a picture of your receipt. You can win cash back on your account and withdraw your money whenever you want to.


Allstays is an app developed for truck drivers so they can find resting places and truck stops. If the driver is looking for a truck stop that offers laundry, showers, game rooms, TripPak dispensers or any other accommodation, the app will guide them into the right direction.  They can also look up truck stops with their favourite fast food chain franchise.


DriverApp (available only for Android) is a platform that offers drivers a shortcut access to their time management and driving analysis data. In other words, DriverApp allows drivers to have a general view of their driving time, resting time, weekly driving distances and other data. It also helps the driver’s health by including a “Personal Trainer” feature, in which drivers can see short videos for exercising on their resting hours.

So, driving is getting easier and more interesting, these Apps open the world of truck driving beyond shifting gears and honking the horn of the truck, it gives the driver the opportunity to reduce their stress by making some of the tasks a little easier, in a more fun way, finding your favourite burger king after you already ate can be frustrating, so any help, for little or silly it looks, counts, right?