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Trucking AI: Are Truckers Going to Become Obsolete?

Not so long ago, the media was echoing the news of the very first autonomous, self-driven truck. It was a beer truck with no driver on the wheel. What was really shocking of this news was the feared acceleration of the obsolescence of a driver, bound to disappear. A few months ago we knew that […]

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Top 3 Spookiest Roads on Europe

For those true believers, a cursed road is a road that has been marked by some obscure forces of evil that may eventually manifest themselves to those who travel among them. But skeptics say it’s only self-fulfilled prophecies and cursed roads are nothing more than popular folklore. In any case, the reality is that there […]

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Road Safety: Technologies for Smooth Transportation

Modern trucks have incorporated a series of technological advances in order to reduce accident rates, and, incidentally, increase operational performance. Aspects such as geographical and climatic conditions, together with the state of the road infrastructure, are some of the factors that affect the conditions of operation of the trucks on a daily basis. Some of […]